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Last Trumpet Teaching Ministry is a Bible based teaching ministry with a Christ-centered approach to the teaching of Scripture. The ministry's founder, Louis Reyneke, was trained by several born again, Christian Jewish scholars and teachers and Louis refers to the late Art Katz as his true spiritual father.

The ministry's core focus is described in the church manifesto below. It is with eternal gratitude to God and thankfulness for delivery out of religion into life that Louis maintains this ministry.

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The Church Manifesto

The word "apostolic" is not easily defined and its meaning is rather to be apprehended by the genius of what the word represents. The true meaning of apostolic is a seeking out and restoring of all that was once authentic, all that was held dear, all that was believed, all that was understood and all that was vital in the early church. The church was apostolic at its inception and needs to be the same at its conclusion. Apostolic is defined by more than correct verbal statements and creedal affirmation and demands a corresponding authentic actuality in the life of the church. It has nothing to do with the heretical move to “restore” apostles and prophets to the last days church!

A church with apostolic foundations is that body of people whose central impulse and principle of life, being and service is one thing only, namely, a radical and total jealousy for the glory of God, a longing for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and a practical expression of this through authentic lives lived in truth.

The consideration of the gifts and purpose of the Holy Spirit must be done in the context of an apostolic and eschatological understanding in order not to be misunderstood. The gifts were not given for entertainment or self-gratification but to proclaim the gospel of good news, make disciples, set the captives free and to live a holy and consecrated life in a fallen world.

Only a living body with an eschatological end-time view and expectation poses a real threat to the powers and principalities of darkness. It is in the light of this worldview and consequent spiritual opposition from darkness that the real need for the Holy Spirit becomes clear.

This church does not seek blessing, dominion, replacement of Israel or anything materialism can offer but rather to be functional and purposeful in the will of God for our age.

The consecrated body not only finds itself at a disjuncture with the world and organised religion but in stark, binary contrast and total opposition to it. The true church sees the world and the apostate church with its false values and systems and constantly repudiates it by the truth it speaks and the truth it lives.

The church sees the dangerous infiltration and contamination of the world and its spirit into the religious fraternity and is constantly humble before the Lord to be kept from its deceptive poisonous influences.

The redeemed body of believers are freed from the values and systems of the world to the degree that they live by the daily guidance and dependence on sound doctrine and the Holy Spirit. The church free from the world and led by the Spirit is a statement of a kingdom to come. The apostolic church led by the Spirit is the demonstration of true freedom from the power and influence of Satan and sin.

By dependence on the Spirit the church can demonstrate the real power that sets the captives free, not by proclamation only but also by demonstration. The true church has been formed and shaped in the crucible of the Lord to become an authentic body that does not only speak the truth but is the very thing in itself. The church does not just carry a message but is also the message.

The church will not overcome by some auditory feat but by the demonstration of a supernatural life of truth as emanating from the Spirit of truth.

A church living for mere charismatic experiential theology will live subsistent, harmless and irrelevant to the cosmic, eschatological drama. A body of believers with no real awareness of the end and eternal realities will live insignificant and selfish lives.

The redeemed body of believers are a royal, consecrated priesthood, zealous for and carrying the Glory of God in this present age. This Divine life is disbursed through a sending out of those whose lives have been shaped into living testimony of the truth through the oven and fire of the Lord.

The operation and gifts of the Spirit is seen as an urgent provision for the church besieged by a militant demonic presence as expressed through a perverse and humanistic global society. The powers of darkness recognize the life and power of the Spirit in and through the apostolic church as the only real threat to the advancement of the kingdom of Satan.

The issue of spiritual power in the church is determined by the level of consecration as well as the work of the cross and truth in its individual members. A consecrated body, being a living sacrifice, becomes the instrument of salvation to many through the sacrificial laying down of their own lives.

Without a living demonstration of the spirit and word of truth, through the church, nobody will be provoked and the world will continue to taunt and mock the things of God. The quickening and life giving power of the Spirit of truth can only flow through a vessel cleansed of all self-interest. The church, through the cross, is delivered from spiritual egocentricity and the casual fellowship of the saints.

When God, His purposes and His glory becomes the pre-occupation of the church, it will be set free from abusing, misinterpreting and misrepresenting the gifts and function of the Holy Spirit.

The true church is a place of suffering, moulding and shaping before it is a place of glory and freedom in the Lord. It is through many harsh dealings of the Lord that the believer’s eyes are finally opened and they are delivered from the tenacious grip of the spirit and mindset of the world. The character of this body is tempered, disciplined and sacrificial. The true church takes its stripping and suffering with joy knowing that to this we have been called. Our present suffering and refining cannot be compared with the glories that have been stored up for us in eternity. The apostolic church lives a sacrificial dying life and has a realistic expectation to suffer for Christ in this world. The Lord is coming for a victorious church but what if the victory is in the dying?

The apostolic church lives with the reality of eternity and the glory to follow after this present age as the motivation and purging factor in this world. The issue of eternity as part of the consciousness of the church makes it act in sacrificial ways to obtain that end.

The discernment of the apostolic church is acute and refined to keep from the subtle trappings and deception that entangles and stifles nominal Christianity. The body discerns the powers and principalities and understands the necessity to corporately withstand and wrestle against them to establish the truth. The conflict is in the hearts and minds of men, against all deceit and lies and all false knowledge that sets itself up against the truth of the Word. The battle is to herald and live the truth in a deceived world. The wrestling is not the attribute of a single virtuoso saint but is the character and spirit of the whole body.

The issue of spiritual authority of the redeemed body is not by the virtue of men or their appointment but by the authenticity of the leadership before God as attained through His individual dealings and calling. The consequent character of the church is recognition of God appointed authority and leadership and willing submission to it. Christ remains the head of His body and leaders mere stewards and servants under His hands. They lead by humility as servants who will give an account to God. Those who function as being self-willed and individualistic in the body, without recognition and cooperation with God appointed and Spirit led leadership, will find in their hearts the roots of rebellion and pride that is destructive and in opposition to the unity and divine purpose of the church. Selfish individualism and ambition is counterproductive and devastating to the purposes of God through the church. God’s authority is through anointing and call even though in the vessel there is always present human weakness.

The apostolic church is not moved by waves and torrents of signs, wonders and miracles as to be expected in the end-time delusion but rather by the Spirit of truth and the Word of Truth for the glory of God and the deliverance of men.

Nothing of eternal consequence or eternal value can be effected independent of true Holy Spirit unction. God’s true work must emanate from a true church. That which is sent of God can accomplish the purposes of God. That which He sends He empowers and that which He sends He prepares.

Of Him, through Him and to Him alone are all things in the church.