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How to Pray 1900 Prayer. Satan laughs as he looks at the church today and says to himself, “You can have your Sunday schools and your young people’s small groups, your boys’ and girls’ programs, your vacation Bible schools, your Christian schools, your elegant churches, your retreats, your music programs, your brilliant preachers, and even your revival efforts - as long as you don’t bring the power of almighty God into them by earnest, persistent, believing, mighty prayer.

It is not necessary that the whole church prays to begin with. Great revivals always begin first in the hearts of a few men and women whom God arouses by His Spirit to believe in Him as a living God, as a God who answers prayer, and upon whose heart He lays a burden from which no rest can be found except in persistent crying unto God.

May God use this book to inspire many who are currently prayerless, or nearly so, to pray earnestly. May God stir up your own heart to be one of those burdened to pray, and to pray until God answers.
R. A. Torrey 1472kb
The Doctrine of Repentance 1668 A good case could be made out for believing that “repentance” is one of the least used words in the Christian church today. In a world that will not tolerate the mention of sin, and in churches where it has been defined only in sociological terms, the biblical teaching on repentance has inevitably been ignored.
Knowing what repentance is, and actually repenting, are essential to true Christianity. Jesus Christ himself said that if we do not repent, we will perish! It is vital, therefore, to read and study what Scripture has to say about this theme.
Few better guides have existed in this or any other area of spiritual experience than Thomas Watson. He was a master of both Scripture and the human heart, and wrote with a simplicity and directness that keeps his work fresh and powerful for the twentieth century.
Thomas Watson 788kb
The Almost Christian Discovered 1661 Matthew Mead’s The Almost Christian consists of seven sermons that were preached at St. Sepulchre’s, London in 1661. The first American edition, published by Paraclete Potter in 1815, adds “First Preached at St. Sepulchre’s, London, 1661. And now at the importunity of friends made public.” Matthew Mead 2,098kb
The Lord's Supper 1986 The two ordinances of the Church are: the Lord's Supper and baptism. This study of the Lord's Supper will be covered in nine sections: the meaning of the Lord's Supper, the Scriptures used, names for the ordinance, its qualifications as an ordinance, purposes of the Lord's Supper, the frequency of its practice, the mode of practice, the prerequisites, and the dangers of partaking of the Lord's Supper unworthily. Arnold Fruchtenbaum 371kb
Jews for Jesus
Shalom at Last 2005 An Israeli's journey to Jesus Shlomy Abramov 662kb
Disowned 1995 A Twentieth-Century Jew and His Experience With Jesus Steve Cohen 285kb
But I'm Jewish! 1996 A Jew for Jesus tells his story Richard Harvey 371kb
Nothing to Fear 2002 A Jews for Jesus Testimony Booklet Karol Joseph 247kb
Who ever heard of a Jewish Missionary 1999 A Jew for Jesus tells his story Bob Mendelsohn 609kb
Loss to life 2003 A Jewish Woman’s Journey to Messiah Susan Perlman 562kb
From Generation to Generation 2005 A Jewish Family Finds Their Way Home Steve and Janie-sue Wertheim 800kb
Hineni 2004 Here am I, God, but Where are You? Tuvya Zaretsky 729kb
Creation vs. Evolution
The Wonders of Nature - Volume 1 1996 Hundreds of facts about things all around you Vance Ferrell 1,244kb
The Wonders of Nature - Volume 2 1996 Hundreds of facts about things all around you Vance Ferrell 948kb
The Evolution Cruncher 2001 Scientific facts which annihilate evolutionary theory Vance Ferrell 4,644kb
Psychological Heresy
Lying Spirits 2005 A Christian journalist’s report on Theophostic Ministry Jan Fletcher 2,031kb
The Four Temperaments 1992 Astrology & Personality Testing Martin and Deidre Bobgan 397kb
A Church’s Unholy Alliance with
the Four Temperaments
1992 Martin and Deidre Bobgan 198kb
AGAINST Biblical Counseling 1994 FOR the BIBLE Martin and Deidre Bobgan 383kb
Christ-Centered Ministry 2004 versus Problem-Centered Counseling Martin and Deidre Bobgan 257kb
Hypnosis 2001 Medical, Scientific, or Occultic? Martin and Deidre Bobgan 598kb
Larry Crabb’s Gospel 1998 Martin and Deidre Bobgan 455kb
Missions and Psychoheresy Martin and Deidre Bobgan 328kb
Person to Person Ministry 2009 Soul Care in the Body of Christ Martin and Deidre Bobgan 862kb
PsychoHeresy 1987 The Psychological Seduction of Christianity Martin and Deidre Bobgan 901kb
CRI Guilty of Psychoheresy? 1998 Martin and Deidre Bobgan 334kb
TheoPhostic Counseling 1999 Divine Revelation or PsychoHeresy? Martin and Deidre Bobgan 349kb
Behind the Veil 2001 When we say that Islam does not believe in human rights and does not recognize the individual’s freedom, many people object. Also, when we claim that the wars which Muhammad and his successors waged were offensive wars to spread Islam by force, to plunder the abundance of the countries, to seize the properties of the lands and to capture women and children, we encounter multitudes of people who express their astonishment and disapproval. Because of this disbelief, we are going to confine ourselves to two subjects, and our only source of information will be great Muslim scholars. Abd El Schafi 1,458kb
Behold Your King 2003 Two thousand years ago, the most controversial man ever born entered history. He has often been described as the greatest moral teacher of all time, yet most in every generation since his birth have dismissed him, ignored him or rejected him altogether. Some have hated him, and a few have died for love of him. His name is Jesus. William Webster 1,714kb
Beyond Adventism 2008 The “Truth” Re-examined. Welcome to this brief and candid tour that gives you an inside look at Seventh-day Adventism today. At first glance, some SDA readers may view certain theological elements in this exposition to be utterly shocking, unbelievable, and even grossly overstated. It is my heartfelt prayer, that as the readers probe the depths of Adventism, they will ultimately come to the conclusion that the information presented herein is indeed concise, objective, and factual. Dennis J. Fischer 150kb
Disproving Seventh-day Adventism John Devine 286kb
Holiness 1952 Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots J.C. Ryle 1,478kb
Anointing - or Apostacy? The Latter Rain Legacy Charles S. Graves 2,786kb
Mending the Nets 2000 Themes from First John Bill Randles 678kb
The Aspen Institute and Marxist Praxis 2002 Judy McLemore 358kb
Understanding Spiritual Warfare 2000 Bill Patton 34kb
The Knowledge of the Holy 1961 True religion confronts earth with heaven and brings eternity to bear upon time. The messenger of Christ, though he speaks from God, must also, as the Quakers used to say, ”speak to the condition” of his hearers; otherwise he will speak a language known only to himself. His message must be not only timeless but timely. He must speak to his own generation. A.W. Tozer 297kb
Man: The Dwelling Place of God 1966 THE SUPREME INTEREST in the life of A. W. Tozer was God: He who spoke and brought the world into being, Who justly rules over men and nations, yet deigns to make man His dwelling place. He believed that all that really matters is for man to be in right relationship with God, that his first duty-and privilege-is "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." For this reason he delighted to speak to men of God's majesty and wonder and grace and he ever sought to instruct and exhort Christians to let this be the purpose of their lives. He grieved that they should be content with less. A.W. Tozer 557kb
Arabic Bible
Arabic 1 John International Bible Society 142kb
Arabic 3 John International Bible Society 84kb
Arabic Gospel of Mark International Bible Society 438kb
Arabic Gospel of Matthew International Bible Society 578kb
Arabic Gospel International Bible Society 658kb
Arabic Hebrews International Bible Society 269kb